Q&A with Shark Expert

Giancarlo Thomae is a marine biologist for Sanctuary Cruises Whale Watching at Moss Landing, in the Monterey Bay of California. Giancarlo has been studying juvenile great white sharks in Monterey for the past four years. I reached out to him when I saw him on the news fall into the water with sharks. In the spirit […]

I Have a Blind Dog

-Artwork by Michael Ruiz I have a blind dog. A really blind dog. If we were homeless, she’d be KILLING it. One of the most interesting things about having a blind dog is how people will stare when we play fetch at the park. And how how often they’ll glare when I set up Twister. […]

Here We Go: A Mello Intro

What’s her name said the first cut was the deepest. Well, obviously it wasn’t, because I’m here now. Committing to a blog is kind of like committing to a diary – except if someone finds my blog, it’s really not supposed to suck. Launching this thing may as well have been Mission: Impossible. Except when […]